My purpose as an artist is to share and divulge awareness, in searching the right comprehension on being ONE in this world, in searching the wealth we all poses inside opposed to outside, of growing into a life of love and giving without damage, being always aware that we are here for a spec of a second and that there is a whole deep prospective this modern life has forgotten. I myself am in the procedure to this heeling path.Nati Maimone 

Short Bio

Hi, I'm Nati,

to make a long story short I would say that I can divide my Biography in 2 parts. One is the early or young stage and the later is the more mature and search-full one.

In the first part the highlight's are that I was very young, did a lot of work for others in recording studios and musicals, entered a dance company being also a dancer. Won some minor prises, did what they told me to do musically, did not do what they told me to do in other circumstances, released the world renown major Pop hit "AM FM" under the name Natasha King.

In the second part of my Biography, I did what I wanted, wrote my own songs, gigged with great musicians in renown clubs (I will spare you from a list of names and places), got invited to sing in Berlin and Paris, and now I'm ready for my 3rd Album and looking for someone who believes in what I do and is willing to invest a little.

In the middle of all this I raised a family, set up a professional recording studio with my Jazz Guitarist husband Luca Chiaramonte, studied singing (still am of course), gave singing and dance lessons, broadened my contamination of Soul Jazz and Blues and most importantly, asked myself questions about life, what I'm here for, what I can do to help, where I am heading.

I'm a convinced vegetarian with a profound love for Nature, I seek the spiritual part of everything but I love fun and the beat of things. I can be very fast and on the mark but also very slow and in my own world. I have Sicilian and German blood in me and that's exactly how I feel. Very controversial. Empathetic, somehow lunatic, sometimes overreactive, sometimes very close to feeling centred, very attentive to people's feelings.

I have recently moved to the country side to have a bigger recording studio and also put up a B&B for all the nature, music and peace lovers of the planet.

I teach singing in an American International school in Rome MMI and an Italian High school St. Maria in Monterotondo.

Looking forward to getting some feed back from this small, big, crazy world!

Ciao Nati

About Nati's New Music

August 2015

Be one is my second musical recording project, conceived on my own. It comes in a moment of my life where I strongly feel the importance of being as authentic as possible with myself, and with the world around, and in me.Through respect, compassion, cooperation and creativity we can achieve feeling part of something beyond ourselves, understanding that every human being and every aspect of existence is uniquely valid and valuable. There is a meaning and harmony in life that we can reflect by deeply believing and understanding the importance of achieving oneness within ourselves. This is the first step. There is one God, one humanity, one love, but before we can perceive this, we need to make a journey within, pick up all our pieces, gather them, understand them, love them, reassemble them, so to evolve ourselves, into a one whole authentic beautiful piece of art.

​Credits for Be One

Songs, lyrics and voice, Nati Maimone

Arrangements, Stefano Galante & Nati Maimone

Piano, Stefano Galante

Double Bass, Daniele Basirico

Electric Bass, Drums & Percussions, Luca Chiaramonte

Sound Engineer, Stefano Galante

Recorded at Indigo Studio, Monterotondo, Italy

Mixing and Mastering by Stefano Galante at Galante Music Inc. Montreal (Quebec) Canada

March, 16, 2014

Here I am, very early in the morning after a full's moon night, asking myself how to start this note. Well it's very simple. These 6 songs are part of my daily life, they are real, and talk about my outlook on living as authentically as possible (Stop and smell the roses), my perception on letting go of who and what is not so good for you, and not letting anybody knock you down and hinder you in your true dreams (Tough it), about those times we all feel, when nothing seems right and depression settles in, and yet deep down we know there is a reason for everything and we are protected, and that it's just a passing shade (Lost my faith), my loved family, my husband (Precious love), my daughter (Tell her) and my lost worldly father, with whom I feel a strong connection in some particular moments, from whom I inherited my artistic talent. He is now part, in a wider sense, of my spiritual cosmic Father (Fly away).

I immensely enjoyed every moment of the making of this EP. I often took the train this past year and a half, early in the morning, to go to Stimigliano, amongst the beauty of the hills in the provence of Rieti in the Italian region Latium, to work with my friend Luca Pacetti (Double Bassist) at his studio. Even during the most difficult and tiresome moments I never lost my enthusiasm in creating arrangements together with him. I am grateful for his patience in hearing me out on my ideas and patiently listening to my humming out the bass lines, the melodies with the bow, or tapping my fingers and feet to make him understand the groove I wanted. I also listened to his ideas and this is why it was so lovely to work with him. We both gave space to each other and worked in true harmony most of the time, something that doesn't happen very often. I would play the chords and sing the lyrics to him on his keyboard and everything would start from there........ "Do you like it?" ...... " Love it, let's do it!"

The bonus track (Fly away) instead, was produced by Luca Chiaramonte with his multiple guitars at Indigostudio.

Last but not least my old time, gifted, good friend Stefano Galante took on all the mixing and mastering of the songs at his studio :

Six simple but true songs that I hope are the beginning of many more to come.They are already there, just need to record them. Now that my family is consolidated and my child has grown a little older, I feel I have more time and space for my creativity and as Luca Pacetti says, "You are dangerous to be left alone for a few days! You come up with another 20 songs!" Lol Well, being born reserved and rather shy, yet with an urge to communicate, I feel it's a real blessing that I can even it out through this vehicle of song writing and singing. It's important to me and I hope these tracks will give you a little fun, a little to think about, sooth you and refresh you as they did to me.

Love Nati